CabiBUS the Robovan

CabiBUS for last miles distribution of e-commerse goods and food.


Exchangable cabins.

The passenger cabins can be replaced with parcel delivery boxes, especially on evenings and weekends when there is lower demand for passenger transportation and most people are at home and can recieve their orders.

Parcel cabins kan also be equipped to handle cooled and frozen food.

One CabiBUS can pick up cabins from different transportation companies and distribute to a certain area in the city, resulting in increased efficiency and less vehicles on the streets.

The receiver just enter a suitable day and time range and then a phone call informs when it is time to go out and collect the parcel.

They can also be used for recycling collection by delivery of empty recycling containers and return full containers from the housholds.

Using the same vehicles for both passenger transports and last miles deliveries results in improved total economy and enables lower costs than other alternatives.

Our patent for individual and exchangeable cabins in an autonomous vehicle for passenger transportation and parcel deliveries was applied for in 2014 and granted 2018. Now the Level 4 autonomous technology is ready for the vehicle to be built.

The patent is for Sweden only, but if vehicle manufacturers in other countries want to develop this kind of solution, it will be a big benefit for all if the dimensions and connections becomes a standard, like the 20ft and 40ft containers.

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CabiBUS has six parcel cabins and can deliver up to 50 orders per trip.

Parcel cabins can be designed with different storage sizes to suit the demand.  

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