Corona Covid-19

The CabiBUS vehicle is by design the most safe and secure vehicle ever for shared mobility.

CabiBUS separate passenger cabins with direct fresh and filtered air supply prevents direct contamination from other passengers.

But to clean the cabin from an earlier passenger we now add a cleaning function with UV light. When a passenger leaves the cabin and before the next passenger is picked up, strong UV-C LED lamps floods ultraviolet light over the surfaces in the cabin to destroy possible bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes.

This is only possible in a shared vehicle with separate
cabins for each passenger, see BBC article below.


Other unique passenger protections, in case of an
accident, only possible with the CabiBUS is airbags
all around each passenger and a strong framework
around each cabin.

CabiBUS vehicle specifications


Mar 18, 2020

Robotaxis Need Disinfectant Systems

"As the 2020 coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the globe, businesses of all kind are doing their part to help the containment effort. Everywhere people would normally congregate, from stores to movie theaters to aircraft, is getting more frequent cleanings. But we know this won’t be the last such pandemic and probably not even the worst. In the coming years, if we manage to deploy automated robotaxi services, how will we prevent them from becoming a disease vector?"

UV light is used to kill virus

"Glowing like light sabres, eight bulbs emit concentrated UV-C ultraviolet light. This destroys bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes by damaging their DNA and RNA, so they can't multiply"

How to avoid the spread of coronavirus when travelling on public transport

"Public transport can be an ideal setting for respiratory diseases to spread and may even increase the risk in certain boroughs.

Scientists have been planning for a pandemic for decades and transport hubs are widely regarded as infection hotspots, with virus transmission rates up to six times higher for those using public transport systems."

Public transport closures on Our World in Data

"This interactive chart maps government policies on public transport closures.

Note that there may be sub-national or regional differences in restrictions. The policy categories shown may not apply at all sub-national levels. A country is coded as having these restrictions if at least some sub-national regions have implemented them."

Public transport with CabiBUS will remain safe during pandemics, no need for closure!

IBM Study: COVID-19 Is Significantly Altering U.S. Consumer Behavior and Plans Post-Crisis

"Personal Mobility, Retail Shopping, and Event Attendance Are Among the Areas Most Impacted"

"Many consumers indicated that they plan to reduce their use of – or forgo entirely – ridesharing and public transportation."